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About Us

Cedar Heights Residential Living has been providing treatment to children and adolescents for more than a decade. We have 5 licensed children’s residences located in Mono, Orangeville, Tottenham, Stouffville, Markham. We also offer service into adult care, through transitional semi-independent living & complex-care needs programs for adults.

We provide an all-inclusive approach to treatment including; education, psychiatric consultation, life and social skills training and recreation.

Cedar Heights Residential Living provides a continuation of services with our transition age program Palmer Home. This allows for youth to continue to work on vocational skills, life skills and social skills from the age of 18-21.

Considered a long-term placement for many of our residents, Cedar Heights Residential Living strives to provide services in a home-like environment. Recognizing the need for personal space each resident in the program has their own bedroom, which they are able to individualize.

To foster self-esteem, Cedar Heights Residential Living supports all residents to be active members of their community. Residents are encouraged to participate with organized sports associations, involve themselves in social groups and seek out volunteer opportunities.

If you would like additional information regarding our services and programs or to make a referral please contact Head Office at (905) 770-1372.

Our Mission

Cedar Heights Residential Living specializes in the treatment and understanding of individuals living with brain-based disabilities. It is our belief that all individuals with brain-based disabilities be provided with programming based on their functional age rather than their biological age, in order to provide them with the most advantageous opportunity for personal growth.

Our Philosophy

Cedar Heights Residential Living adheres to a strength-based approach when working with individuals and makes necessary accommodations based on their strengths and abilities. Our philosophy includes providing individualized programming in all areas of life including; education, community involvement, behavioural issues, life and social skills. All of which is provided in a home like environment, which allows for nurturing and support on an individual basis. In order for our clients to be successful in their endeavours, we assist them in setting realistic and achievable goals, which bolsters their self-esteem. This approach leads to increased success and positive self-worth for the individuals within our programs.

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